Founders’ Reading List: “Silicon Valley” is Back!

So many are working remotely these days, so this week in our Founders’ Reading List we’re leading with a beefy set of strategies for managing a remote team. We’re following that up with the lessons learned by a CEO who transitioned her company to a 35-hour workweek, and the return of the hit show about IT, Silicon Valley.

How to Collaborate Effectively If Your Team Is Remote | Harvard Business Review

Who goes to an office anymore? Not everyone, and a remote team provides all sorts of benefits, but it also demands a different set of skills and approaches. Here’s how to ensure that distance isn’t distorting your communications.

Why Big Corporations Are Moving Into Co-working Spaces | Entrepreneur

There’s a tendency to associate co-working spaces with freelancers and small businesses, which is one of the reasons that big corporations like Microsoft, Verizon, and IBM are moving in. There’s talent and potential acquisitions in these spaces.

3 Ways a 35-Hour Workweek Made Me a Better CEO | INC

In a world where time spent working is almost a badge of honour, the phrase 35-hour workweek makes us do a double take. But given that “do more with less” is such a pervasive platitude, shouldn’t we also apply it to time? This CEO learned some important lessons about the scarcity of time that are worth thinking about.

Billionaire Mark Cuban: ‘One of the Great Lies of Life Is Follow Your Passions’ | CNBC

What should you do if not follow your passion? According to Mark Cuban, it’s pretty simple: you do what you’re good at.

Silicon Valley Has Returned 

HBO’s Silicon Valley is a biting commentary of the tech industry that has received critical acclaim, and impressive viewership, over its first four seasons. The show has been described by pundits as a mirror reflection of the tech industry, and has become a favourite of the start-up and developer community.

The series returned with season 5 late in March, but this time without Erlich Bachman, the show’s bombastic tech incubator host. This season starts with the Pied Piper team struggling to deal with the rapid growth of its programming team. The show hasn’t missed a beat, with episodes 1 and 2 among the best yet.