Right now your start-up is small and nimble, but growth in on your mind. This month we present reads about the many challenges you will face as you grow.

Founders’ Reading List:  Growing Pains

Right now your start-up is small and nimble, but you want growth without sacrificing nimbleness. That’s the subject of our first read on this month’s list, and it’s something most founders spend a lot of time thinking about. Some other things on this list: why good employees leave, why CIOs need to tackle myths about the cloud, and some hard data about working from home. Oh, and we finish off with an article about Silicon Valley ‘coasters’ who make millions while doing next to no work. Nice.

How to Avoid Big Company Syndrome | Medium

What is big company syndrome? It’s a kind of institutional malaise when it comes to innovation, and big companies are especially prone to it. When companies get big, they become complex: more hands are involved in the approval process, goals require compromise between disparate departments, and the big company has lost the nimbleness it had as a start-up. But if you have a start-up, you want it to grow into a big company one day, right? So how do you do that while avoiding the pitfalls of becoming bigger?

My Customers Showed Me the Door. Here’s How I Won Them Back. | Entrepreneur

How do you win customers back? Short answer: you build a company that gives them what they want. Longer answer: you build a company based on shared vision amongst the founders, choose investors who balance the company, build a product that’s genuinely different, take your time to build it properly, and realize your company can’t be everything. Easy peasy.

Why Good Employees Leave (and What You Can Do About It) | Twine

Recruiting the best people is a long and expensive process, so the last thing you want is to see them leave. Here’s why it happens, and more importantly, strategies to minimize your employee turnover.

CIOs Need to Tackle the Myths Around the Cloud in the Enterprise | Information Age

If you’re a tech person, you already get why the cloud is important. But the cloud gets a lot of resistance from non-tech people and organizations. Maybe they don’t understand it, maybe they’ve been misinformed, maybe they’re afraid of change. The next time you encounter cloud resistance, try out these arguments.

A Two-Year Stanford Study Shows the Astonishing Productivity Boost of Working From Home | Inc.

Does working from home provide a productivity boost or a drain? There are certainly a lot of op-eds and anecdotes out there, but data beats both, so here’s some data. This study’s findings, tracking 500 workers over two years, support working from home in a big way. Obviously, there are caveats and conditions, but this is evidence that working from home should be part of a company’s toolbox.

Inside the World of Silicon Valley’s ‘Coasters’ — the Millionaire Engineers Who Get Paid Gobs of Money and Barely Work | Business Insider

One of the biggest challenges facing growing companies is talent acquisition. But hiring devs these days can be expensive. One of the worst-kept secrets in Silicon Valley is the group of people who “rest-and-vest.” That is, they make six figures for showing up a few hours a day and doing next to nothing.  Smart?