The idea of getting paid what we deserve is pretty complicated. This week's founders list includes a long read about whether pay differences reflect talent and hard work...or something else.

Founders’ Reading List: Do We Get Paid Fairly?

In our latest Founders’ Reading List: most organizations still doubt cloud security even though they shouldn’t; big companies are bad for employee health; there are some decent management books out there; some VPNs aren’t as private as you’d think; and the idea of getting paid what we deserve is pretty complicated. Here’s what we think leaders should be reading right now.

Only 16% of Organizations Believe Their Current Security Can Protect Them in the Cloud | TechRepublic

Scary headline, right? It’s true that there’s plenty to be worried about in terms of security, but the fact is that the cloud has some major security advantages. The cloud’s automation allows for proactive scanning and updating, it can update multiple systems at scale, and cloud security teams can take a broad view of emerging threats and help protect their users.

100+ VPN Logging Policies | thebestvpn

Salient point: there are 26 VPNs that collect at least 3 important log files. Check this list to see what your VPN is doing with your data. After all, what’s the point of a VPN anyway?

The Workplace Is Killing People and Nobody Cares | Stanford Business

Chances are, a big reason why you may work at a start-up is to avoid a certain kind of workplace culture. Author Jeffrey Pfeffer, whose book, Dying for a Paycheck has recently been published, makes the case that workplace problems are negatively impacting personal health and company performance. Bold claim, but there’s data to back it up. Interesting reading aside, this book is very much a ‘what not to do’ of workplace culture.

Why Do People Leave Companies? Bad Management. 30 Books to Become a Better Manager | Adam Doolittle

In 50% of voluntary turnover, people cite bad management. It’s a problem. So, if you’re into continuously improving your leadership style, here are 30 books that will help. Whether you’re managing yourself, a team, other managers, or a whole organization, there’s something here for you.

Do We Get Paid What We “Deserve”?  | Current Affairs

Here’s one of those pretty important long reads that will be brought up at retreats and big picture meetings for the next year or so. There are no action items nor pithy recommendations here, just difficult questions about how we, as a society, reward hard work, sacrifice, innovation, and creativity. It’s stuff worth thinking about if you’re the one who signs paycheques. Or, at least, fodder for the next industry mixer you’re roped into attending.